April 26, 2018

About MEDA

Organized in 2003, the Missouri Energy Development Association (MEDA) is the association of Missouri’s Investor-Owned Utilities and their strategic partners. Our members serve nearly 4 million customers, invest over $1 billion in-state annually, and employ over 11,500 Missourians while providing the electric and natural gas services integral to the safety and prosperity of all Missourians.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to work closely with Missouri Investor-Owned Utilities and their strategic partners, representing their interests and advocating balanced policies in legislative and regulatory arenas. MEDA provides credible public policy leadership, pivotal industry awareness and education, and strategic business intelligence.

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to be the consummate advocate for Missouri’s Investor-Owned Utility Companies and their strategic partners, while proudly serving as an important industry information resource.


  • Act with integrity
  • Trustworthy
  • Balanced
  • Create collaborative partnerships

Unique Value Proposition
MEDA is an expert, credible source of information regarding Missouri’s Natural Gas and Electric Investor-Owned Utility Companies and is dedicated to advocating for an energy and utility infrastructure future that benefits the safety and prosperity of all Missourians.